I'm Abdul Diaz, a Software Engineer from New York City.

My work experience

FCB Health

Built HTML5 banner ads, e-mails, websites, and panels for some of the largest health companies today.

Waffle & Bubble

Created an online ordering site for a 4.5 Yelp-rated store based in New Jersey.

My designs

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My recent programming projects


My most recent project. Rumbbble is a network for developers to showcase their work, receive feedback, and find inspiration. Users can browse posts, like, comment, create posts and upload an attached cover photo. This project has achieved top post of the day on Reddit’s ReactJS subreddit with more than half a 1000 upvotes, and gained more than 80 stars and 10+ forks on GitHub.

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Sterling Shopping

Sterling Shopping is a web-based e-commerce application where users can browse the inventory and shop for clothing. Users can browse through the inventory, add items to the cart, sign up and log in, checkout, make payments, and install the app to their devices straight from the browser, leveraging the PWA standards. Built to be performant from the ground up, making use of advanced patterns like memoization, caching parts of the state, and React Suspense

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About me

I'm Abdul, a professional Front-End Developer with years of experience. I've been programming since the age of 13 and have built tools in use by some of the largest companies today. If you need a project, app, or tool to be built for your company or team don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail.

This is me

I'm primarily skilled in JavaScript and React, but occasionally work in Node.JS, Express, and more.

Javascript / React.JS / Redux / NodeJS


You can contact me by emailing me at diazabdulm@gmail.com

You can visit my Github here (@diazabdulm).